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Inspired by the hardworking bees, bringing the essence of nature to everywhere, we launched the BEEFURNI brand in 2018. A brand operates on the online store platform, which owned the most delicate products for every house - products derived from the forest, elaborated from skilled workers. In our chain of journeys, what we are most proud of as well as our slogan is “Bring the true values”, which gives true value to any chain in our journeys.


How are we different? Unlike other brands, we come from wholesalers, own factories that focus on producing and exporting indoor & outdoor furniture located in Vietnam - BeNK., JSC since the 2010s. It is that opportunity that gives us full control over the production process until it reaches the end-user. We pride ourselves in being able to provide users with the best quality products and at the same time offering the most competitive prices without through any trading parties.




With the desire to bring products MADE IN VIETNAM further in the world, approach more customers in the Americas and Europe, we are on the way to prepare for steady steps in owning warehouses in the Americas and Europe, as well as prepare a dedicated B2C website for our products. 





All our goods are labeled "MADE IN VIETNAM" across all countries, bringing Eastern superiority in harmony with Western modernity. All bring the story and passion of Vietnamese people who want to dedicate their breakthrough creativity to each product.


We not only “BRING THE TRUE VALUES as our slogan BUT also are striving to dedicate for each labor, each staff, and each client - any chain in our journeys. We always focus on providing High-Quality Products & Excellent Customer Service in order to sustain growth & become a companion with any clients.


Thank you for choosing us!